How Do I Choose A Lawyer?

Published March 1, 2012 | By admin

Believe it or not, 35 years ago lawyers were not allowed to advertise. Advertising was considered unethical. Today, the public is bombarded with attorneys advertising for business in every form of media from billboards, to the yellow pages, to television. Be wary of grandiose claims in advertising such as "winningest trial lawyers," or a recitation of the amount or value of previous cases the lawyer claims to have settled. Every case is unique and different in its own way. The facts of each case are never the same. The witnesses are not the same and the claimants and defendants are not the same. Because of this, in Kansas it is deemed unethical to advertise the amount of past settlements or verdicts. The result in another case, good or bad, does nothing to foretell the likely result in your case, absent a detailed analysis and comparison of all aspects of your claim.

Most lawyers have websites which include biographical information of the lawyer and his or her experience. Other websites, such as "" can help steer you toward this information. If the information is not available to you on line or elsewhere, then you should make inquiry of the attorney. Relevant questions include the attorney's years of experience, and particular experience in handling cases of the same type for which you are seeking advice. Lawyers tend to focus their legal practice in certain areas, such as commercial litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, probate, workers' compensation, etc. You should feel comfortable and confident that your attorney is skilled and knowledgeable in the area for which you are seeking representation. Finally, you should be satisfied you will receive the kind of personal attention you deserve and content with the overall relationship between you and your lawyer.